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Title: Recording Session last Saturday
Post by: Rip Van Dan on May 13, 2019, 08:25:30 PM
The main group I play with, the J Badders Band, had a recording session last Saturday from 11AM to 4PM.  We had 9 songs that we wanted to record to use as a demo instead of playing auditions (I hate playing auditions!).  Took my big set-up with me, which is an Eden WT500/800 running through a D.N.A. DNS410 cabinet.  Studio owner said, "you're going to be sharing a room with the drums and keys and there's no need for that big set up.  We'll probably put you through a DI to eliminate crosstalk bleed.  So only the drums were mic'd in that room.  He put the two guitarists into isolation rooms with big windows so everyone could see everybody.

Anyhow, I put my big guns back in my truck and just took my gig bag in.  I set up my wireless and plugged that into my WTDI, which was plugged into wall where the board connections were all set up.  Owner said he rather I ran through his DI and I told him that my DI had an Eden Preamp in it and I could get the sound that I like easily out of that.  So he acquiesced and I plugged it in.

On the demo we had heard previously of some other recordings done there the bass sounded like it was squashed flat by elephant compression.  Virtually no attack, no dynamics, and constant sustain.  Sounded a bit like organ pedals.  I told them when I heard that the recording sounded good except for the bass and explained why I didn't like it.  So the assistant, who was helping us, made a note so they he knew I wanted to be able to control my dynamics and didn't want excessive compression.

Now recording and mixing normally uses compression regardless of whether or not I use it in my initial sound. A lot of that is done in mix-down to give the middle frequencies more body for a fuller sound.  But that's a far cry from what was going on in their demo.

Well, I used my WTDI and although it sounded a little low frequency heavy, sound was not muddy at all.  Lows to highs were clear.   I liked the way the raw recordings turned out.  When I talked to the owner, he said he ran my channel flat so the only EQ settings were the ones I was using from the WTDI.  He was impressed with the sound, to the point he came out afterwards to inspect it and have me walk him through it.  He was really surprised that I hand an onboard adjustable compressor built-in to it.  He said, "I bet that cost a pretty penny!" and then I told him it was usually around $150.  He got this confused look in his eyes and said, "don't they want to still sell amps."

I told him the main reason I got it was to plug into the effects-return of backline amps I was required to use so I could bypass their preamp and just use their power section.  That allowed me to  run my Eden preamp signal into the power section of the amp and I can make basically any amp sound like an Eden amp with this little gadget.  I also plug it into FOH systems when they want to run everyone "through the board".

I think he put it on his list of equipment to acquire.  Also showed him my Eden EX112 which I just happened to have behind the seat of my truck.  The only bass cab he had in the studio was a Trace Elliot 410.  He didn't like using it because of too much bleed in that one room.  I told him I usually put mine on a chair at the brewpub where I mainly use just one of them.  He took down some info on those to follow up on later.

We have to go back on June 2nd to lay down the vocals for the instrumental tracks we laid down, including the harmonies which we didn't put in the scratch vocal tracks.  We'll all just do the vocals while listening to the playback.  Although we'll get all 9 songs done and mastered, the main thing we want is a demo file we can put on a CD or USB of short segments of each song to give bar owners a decent taste of what we do.  We'll see how the next sesion goes.

Title: Re: Recording Session last Saturday
Post by: TobiasMan on May 14, 2019, 11:19:37 AM
Sounds like an interesting experience.  Maybe you opened the studio owners eyes a bit about Eden gear and changed some "set in concrete" concepts.

Title: Re: Recording Session last Saturday
Post by: Bassmann1968 on May 15, 2019, 04:37:39 AM
Nice report, Dan!
Would be a good idea to send some WTDI to studios for testing.
Title: Re: Recording Session last Saturday
Post by: jcadmus on May 17, 2019, 12:03:40 PM
You should get a commission check from Eden. Nice work.
Title: Re: Recording Session last Saturday
Post by: Rip Van Dan on May 17, 2019, 12:20:45 PM
You should get a commission check from Eden. Nice work.

I'd be up for that!  LOL! 8)