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My sweet rig
« on: October 05, 2004, 03:53:45 PM »
I have been playing Eden for about 2 years. My setup is:

Warwick Thumb Bass 5-string with D'Adario SW2000-5 strings.

Eden WP100 preamp
PSS 1000 poweramp
Eden 210XLT
Eden 115XLT

I really love my setup. It's the best I ever heard... In the future I think I will go for a 410XLT and maybe a Eden power amp too.

I recently bought a Fulltone Bass Drive pedal. If you have'nt tried it do! I love it, you can get all kinds of overdrive with it and the compresson is very sweet. I also own a electro-harmonix mini Q-tron and a EBS oktabass.

With this rig I play everything from jazz to progressive rock and it all work extremly well [:)]