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My rig
« on: September 27, 2004, 03:44:32 PM »
Way back when, i had some fretwork done on a bass. While checking it out, the store owner who did the work plugged me into an eden rig (wt600 into 410T). I never really checked out the playability at the store, as the sound just blew me away. We ended up spending a few hours swapping speakers (including hartke, swr, and after a quick run home my old carvin 4x10). Good times.

Came back a few days later and bought the 410T (which my personal preference still favors over the xlt, btw, so don't give me a hard time about it). Turns out it was a 20th anniversery model too :) I ended up snagging the amp that was still sitting in the store a year later too. Not sure if the little red and gold sticker helps the sound, but the wt600 is 20th anniversary too.

Technically, i run it in bridged mono, but that has been a bit too much amp for 90% of my situations. I ended up buying the original 1x10T cabinet as a smaller alternative, and that oddly has been more than adequate for most situations, and mics up really well in the studio. The 110 is a sleeper cabinet. Looks small, but it goes lower than many 18" subs. Too bad they discontinued their best cab [:(]

Basses are all four-strings. Modulus SpiX quantum, Pedulla buzz, and a hot-rodded fender p/j. Although rarely played through the eden rig, I have an 'ancient' tacoma cb-10 abg too. Nothing too exciting, but it covers all the basses [:D] *groans deeply*
Will it play in Peoria?