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Hey! Spam!
« on: September 30, 2006, 07:11:13 PM »
Got my first pukka 'spam' email today from some guy called doudou!
Does that sound like do-do to you or is it just me? (Look, its late and I speak French, right?)
Its soooo sweet. I almost wanna hug the guy (steady now Fox!). What facinates me is why anyone would be sufficiently moved to want to write such complete drivel in a vain attempt to persuade, sorry, CON people into parting with cash for some spurious cause! Honestly, I didn't even read beyond the first few words, so I actually have no idea what it was all about. Bounced and blocked - standard procedure.


Entertainment value aside, plus the fact that our best man is on it like a Rotweiler (good ol' Lane! Thankyou Bro!), I really feel for these dregs of humanity. About as pointless as farting into a hurricane in my book.

Still, I laughed!
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