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LaneOnBass @ Lake City Wine & Music Festival
« on: September 17, 2004, 10:07:15 PM »
I'll be performing with the Bruce Hayes Band at the Lake City Music & Wine Festival on Saturday September 25th at approx. 1:30 in the afternoon...but you know how festivals can be as far as set times are concerned. Will be using WT800 mono-bridged into D-410XLT...Spector NS-6P custom...and a cord. No effects.

Bruce is a great musician and songwriter...with the band he plays electric, lap steel (but on a stand, go figure) and mandolin for some stuff we call Mo-Grass...a mixture of Motown and Bluegrass. Bruce has been called "the Jimi Hendrix of the mandolin" who's shows always include the unexpected. Normally, I get a bass solo or two in a set this lots of fun grooves with drummer Bones...who's just a monster. Ernie Hatfield is a 30-year veteran of blues keyboards ... great Hammond player. We talk about people having been around the block, right? Well, Ernie owns property on the block!

All in all, a great band to play with..challenging yet fun. I should be hanging around before and after our set...

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