Author Topic: My new eq settings for my wt800  (Read 1396 times)

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My new eq settings for my wt800
« on: February 15, 2006, 10:38:03 AM »
Well, I have had my wt800 for about eight months now and have run the gamut on eq settings. It has definitely been a learning experience.

Here is what I have been slowly resolving to:

NO enhance at all. I used to run enhance at 9-11 oclock and this seemed to cause me to boost more channels. Now I run enhance at ZERO.

As a result -- I boost bass freq ONE click at around 9-10oclock.

Run mid flat

CUT treble freq around 9'oclock (around 3.5Mhz) -- cut around 2-3 clicks.
I play with an all maple Spector which is pretty bright. Now do nto get me wrong, I prefer a slightly brighter bass than a darker bass. My philosophy is I can always cut a bit of bite out of a bright bass -- but I cannot really boost too much brightness in a dark sounding bass.

Anyways -- besides the single clikc boost in bass and a couple click cut at 3.5 -- I am running the eq relatively flat now and have found the spector gets a very clear piano string like tone on it. Beautiful! The cut at 3.5Hz I do for a couple reasons. 1. brightness of the maple - -takes a touch of the edge off. And 2. I usually play with 2 guitars and 1 keyboard and just as soon give them that bandwidth for mixing purposes.

The only other thing I have been screwing around with is a cut or boost at around 2-250Mhz. But I keep coming back to flat.

My Spector has the boost only Tonepump in it. Not a bad preamp. But limited. I am thinking if I had a bit more flexibility in it -- like an EMG BQC where I can boost AND cut -- I would be pretty much just running my Eden eq relatively flat.

Anyways -- I always find eqing to be an interesting topic and love watching mine evolve.

The Eden amp, by far, is just the purest amp I have ever know. I mean -- I am making 3 clicks cummulative adjustment from flat on it. That is outrageous. No amp is dialed in that close from the get go.

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