Author Topic: Finally -- Prizes and such are shipping  (Read 1549 times)

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Finally -- Prizes and such are shipping
« on: October 26, 2005, 08:56:26 AM »
Those of you who have been around a while know that we've been having MAJOR problems with getting Swag. Now, the problems are still there, but we're moving forward on several fronts.

However -- we've finally gotten everything together to ship to the Prize Winners in the Wallpaper contest. There is one change (as allowed by the  rules): Instead of polo shirts -- which we STILL don't have, and won't have for some months -- we are sending hooded sweatshirts. I just got one and they're pretty cool. So...prize packages will ship as soon as David gets back to Montrose from Mundelein with said sweats and the certificates.

WAY back...when we posted reviews of gear by several forum members, we said we'd send T-shirts. Then, because it took so long to get it done, we switched to polo shirts. (see above) Now that we have some sweatshirts, we're substituting for the substitution. So...if you wrote a review, you'll be receiving your swag shortly.

On behalf of David, myself and the entire company, I apologize profusely for the delay. We are working as hard (and as fast) as we can to resolve all swag and accesories delivery problems, and hope to put this whole mess to rest soon...

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Finally -- Prizes and such are shipping
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2005, 07:46:13 AM »
Who needs a polo shirt anyways [;)]

Gil Yaron -

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Finally -- Prizes and such are shipping
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2005, 09:15:59 AM »
Yeah, I don't even play polo!!

Just an old 4 string playin' fool!!!! is good!!!!

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just an old 4 string playin' fool is good!!!!