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I'm a rock / hard rock player that's using the Nemesis 410. My band CORE is playing in the Chicago area. I put a 7 string Conklin and a Chapman Stick through the little beast. It performs perfectly. Check it out!

Gig schedule currently is...


Saturday 2004-September-25
  602 North, Glendale Heights, IL

Saturday 2004-October-9
  The Loft, Mount Prospect, IL

Saturday 2004-October-16
  The Coliseum, Mokena, IL

Saturday 2004-October-30
  Shark City, Glendale Heights, IL


Christopher L. Browne

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Fender Jazz 4 * Rickenbacker 4001 * Conklin Groove Tools 7 * Conklin Groove Tools 5 Fretless * Carvin Claro Walnut LB75 * Cort MEB Acoustic * Chapman Stick 10 * Nemesis NC410