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Wt 800 returns
« on: July 15, 2019, 07:47:37 AM »
I have a wt 300 and have recently reacquainted myself with it.  On the back there is a left and right amp input (claims for cd and the like) that get blended. 

I am considering picking up a wt800.  It doesn’t exactly have the same amp inputs.  Are the left and right returns able to be used the same way?

The idea is using the Tech 21 Geddy Lee preamp effects which have independent outputs from the 2 channels and require being merged back via a board or other mechanism.  Was thinking of using the amp inputs (wt300) to bring them back to the cabinet and was curious if this would work on the wt800 via the returns in a similar way.

Thanks in advance for all the knowledge you share.

Jason (Swammie - due to username conflicts)

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Re: Wt 800 returns
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2019, 01:04:21 PM »
Hi Jason,

Welcome to the Garden!

The WT800 has effects loop inputs and outputs on the back of the amp.  You should be able to easily add those two effects channels back into your WT800 on the back of the amp.  It has Left and Right effects send and return jacks specifically for that.

So you don't need to run anything through your WT300, although you could slave it if you wanted.  If you want to know how to slave that, we can go into that as a separate question.

Here is some more info about the WT800.  If you need a manual for the WT800, let me know which year it is and I'll send you a pdf copy.  Early ones put out 400-watts @ 4 ohms per side or 800 watts bridged at 8 ohms. 

Latest ones put out 550-watts at 2 ohms or 440-watts @ 4 ohms per side and either 1100-watts bridged at 4 ohms, or 880-watts bridged at 8 ohms.

The WT800 is different because it is a "dual power-block" amp.  That means it has one preamp feeding two discrete power sections.  Depending upon the model of WT800 each power section can handle a 4 ohm load or a 2 ohm load (it will say on the back of the amp).  Whatever you plug into one side has no effect on what you plug in the other side.  for instance, presuming it goes to 4 ohms per side, you can actually plug two 8 ohm cabs in each side to run a total of 8 cabs.  With the WT800B (mid- 2005) and WT800C (late 2005 and later), it will run down to 2 ohms per side.  That's four 8 ohm cabs per side for a total of 8 cabs out of one amp.  It's a super versatile amp.

More commonly, you'll find people plugging one cab in each side.  For years, I would plug an acoustic B410 into one side and a GK-115bpx into the other side.  That particular GK115 is their least expensive 115 and it is a terribly boomy cab.  When I plugged them into a "normal" amp, I had to cut the bass EQ a LOT to tame the boominess.  That didn't help the acoustic B410 at all as its bottom end is the best to begin with.

HOWEVER, with the WT800 (also WT500 and WT600) there is a wonderful control on the front face called "balance".  I used to call it my "magic knob". That balance knob controls the mix of sound from the two separate power sections.  With my 410+115, I wanted more 410 sound than I did 115 sound.  So all I had to do was turn it slightly towards the 410 side.  If I recall correctly I turned it to about 11 o'clock.

That sent more power to the 410 side and less power to the 115 for the perfect mix of those two cabs.  I no longer had to drop the Bass EQ to tame the boominess of the 115.  Some folks like to run an XST cab with and XLT cab.  If you're not familiar with those Eden cabs, the difference is that the XLT has a built in low-mid hump which just sounds great in the mix.  The XST has a very flat frequency response, but can go lower than the XLT and it has a tighter sounding low end.

The mix of the two together is a match made in heaven.  So much so, that the Eden 810XT is actually a mix of the D410XLT and D410XST in one cab.  Like I mentioned, lots of folks like to run a mix of these, putting the XLT on one side and the XST on the other.  Then they just use that balance knob to get the mix of sound that they want out of that combination.

I no longer use two cabs because I now have a 410 cab that is much louder, clearer, and articulate than that stack ever was.  I have a WT500/800 amp.  That's a WT500 that has been upgraded to 400-watts per side at 4 ohms and 800-watts bridged.  It has the same power section and power supply as the early WT800's did. I use mine at 800-watts bridged @ 8 ohms into my 410.

Hope that helps,
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Re: Wt 800 returns
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2019, 01:37:58 AM »
Hi Jason and welcome to the Garden!

Dan nailed it!
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