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WT-500 banana cable
« on: July 02, 2019, 01:07:44 PM »
I started to build a banana cable so that i can bridge my amp... but after getting the parts, I don't really like what i've come up with.  Does anyone have a lead on a pre-built cable with banana on one end and 1/4' on the other?

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Re: WT-500 banana cable
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2019, 07:51:38 PM »
I did the same thing for mine and I don't like it either.  Actually the speakon end is just fine.  It's the banana plugs part that I don't like.  I just don't like the angle the wires enter the banana plugs but there's no channel for them to come in any other way.   Here's what mine looks like on the banana plug end:

And no, the holes you see in the ends of the connectors do not go all the way through.  They go about 1/4" in.

On the other end I put on a Speakon with 4 contacts because you can secure them easily with just a small screwdriver.  The two contact one often breaks when you are trying to hook it up just because space is so tight. 

So just be sure to hook the hot wire to 1+ and the negative wire to 1- in the speakon connector and you'll be good to go.  I've used this set-up for 4-years now.  I always check the banana connector for a secure connection before I plug it in because sometimes a wire comes lose, but I have had no failures in 4-years.  I got a little carried away and use 12-ga. cabling.  14-ga is more than enough. 

You can put one of these together for about 1/5th the price of a pre-made cable and no soldering is needed. They are typically $40 to $70 pre-made.  WHOA!  I just found a great price at Pro-Audio LA (They are located in Los Angeles). They start at $15.25 for a one foot cable and a three foot one is $18.65 (they make them up to 50-ft. in length).  That's by far and away the best pricing I've seen  Here's the link:

The real trick is to never leave this special cable behind.  I've done it twice.  Once when I still had time to drive home and get it before the gig.  The other time was at a festival and the sound company working the festival quickly put one together for me.  Then they kept it for any future needs.

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Re: WT-500 banana cable
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2019, 04:38:10 PM »
I made a power cable connector for my WT500 with a banana plug for running my 215, 8 ohm cab in Bridge mode.

My connector doesn't look as substantial as that one, more RS connector quality, but I've used it that way for about 10 years now, with never a problem.

I do have it clearly labelled as "mine" and what it is for, and have never lost or misplaced it.

I must confess that I also used 12 gauge wire.   ;D

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