Author Topic: The Feds Band in NW Ohio schedule for the rest of the year  (Read 61 times)

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The Feds Band in NW Ohio schedule for the rest of the year
« on: June 23, 2019, 11:43:40 AM »
My 3-piece band The Feds Band is from the Fremont /Port Clinton / Oak Harbor area, and we will have 30 gigs this year.  If you're in the area (anywhere around Vacationland) pop in and see us!  Make sure you mention that you are a forum member.  Maybe we'll even put you to work for a song or two!

We play a mix, mostly classic rock, but everything from Porgy and Bess to Daft Punk!  A lot of blues and pop, some up-tempo country.  Basically whatever we like to play.  As all three of us sing, we try to feature "epic" songs with full 3 part harmony.  We may be old (one at 57, me at 63 and one at 67) but we love to play and aven't slowed down a bit!

Here's our schedule for the rest of the year.  Rock on bass players!!!

7/5, FRI, Crystal Rock Campground, Crystal Rock, 6-9
7/6, Sat, Sycamore Lake Winery, Columbus Grove 5-8
7/13, Sat, Dirty Boot Saloon, Sandusky, 8-12
7/27, Sat, Beer Thirty's, Port Cinton, 9-1
7/28, SUN, Silvertop in Fremont, 3-7
8/3, Sat, Port Clinton Eagles, 4-8
8/24, Sat, Chateau Tabeau, Helena, 7-10
9/7, Sat, The Cove Inn, Vickery, 4-(7 or 8?)
9/14, Sat, the Bierkeller Pub, Bellevue, 9-1
9/27, FRI, Findlay Moose, 7-10
10/5, Sat, West Lodi Outpost, 9-1
11/2, Sat, Speedways in Bradner, 9-1
11/9, SAT, Herbie's Rd House Seneca Lns, Fost, 930-1230
11/15, FRI, Findlay Moose, 7-10
11/22, FRI, Sycamore Lake Winery, Columbus Grove 5-8
11/27, WED, The Vickery Tavern, 9?-1?
12/20, FRI, Findlay Moose, 7-10
12/31, Tue, NYE, Port Clinton Eagles, 8-00/2020!
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