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Eden WT800a cab help
« on: April 23, 2019, 02:57:01 PM »
Hello all, just sending out a quick question for you knowledgeable lot.

I am picking up a WT800a and a D410XLT at 8ohms tomorrow and i have a question regarding the output on the head. Firstly i am aware of the whole bridged and stereo at 8ohm and 4 ohm respectively however, can I  use the 8ohm cab with one of the 4ohm outputs on the head? usually on many other amp brands this would half the power for me but would this be the same case with the eden? and if i can, what output would you all recommend for one cab. I have never owned an Eden before and am hyped to be picking it up.

The 8ohm bridged isn't the end of the world for me but i do like to drive my amps and i wouldn't want to wreck the cab considering the power of the head at 8ohm pumps out more than the cabs 700watt limit.

any and all help is appreciated.

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Re: Eden WT800a cab help
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2019, 03:24:59 AM »
Output per channel 240W@8 Ohm, 400W@4 Ohm.
Bridged output 800W@8 Ohm
800W isn't really a problem with the D410XLT. Just use your ears!
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No schematics available!!! Don't ask for it.


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Re: Eden WT800a cab help
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2019, 11:40:43 AM »
I'm not aware that the WT800 had any specific 4 ohm outputs.

Cabs are attached to either the Stereo Left and Right outputs, or the Bridged Output.  The ohm rating of the cab is what determines the output of the amp, not the connections that are used.
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Re: Eden WT800a cab help
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2019, 06:02:55 PM »
Hey wenbainhouse,

Yeah T-man's right there are no "specific ohm ouput jacks", there are just output jacks.  If you plug and 8 ohm cabinet into one side of that amp, it will deliver up to 240-watts rms to the cab.  If you hook up two 8 ohm cabs to one side (one cab into on side and another 8 ohm cab into the first) those are parallel connections and will put a 4 ohm load on the amp. Then the amp will deliver 400-watts rms to that side to split between two cabs.  If you plug a single 4 ohm cab, it will deliver 400-watts into it.  4 ohms is the minimum ohms load that each channel can handle.  If you try to run a 2 ohm load on it, you will melt things.

The cool thing about that amp is that you can bridge both of those channels into one "bridged" output.  Then it will deliver up to 800-watts into an 8 ohm cab.  You are actually bridging the output from the right side power into the left side power and out the bridged output connection.  This is the best way to hook up your D410XLT to that amp.  I personally run a single 410 cab bridged from WT500/800.  My WT500 was upgraded to the exact same power section and supply that your WT800a has.

Yes the amp is capable of sending out more power than the cab can handle, but that cab is so loud that you will probably never get close to running the amp all the way up.  The Master controls the power sent to the cab and unless it is wide open, it is not sending out 800-watts.  I have a different 410 myself that has a higher power handling rating, but the sensitivity rating is the same - 106db @ 1W/1M.  Even playing on big stages outdoors, I can never seem to run the master about 10 o'clock without being told to turn down. 

So I absolutely would go ahead and run it bridged.  Then just use your ears. If you hear your cab making farting sounds, you need to do something immediately.  First move would be to drop the Bass EQ a bit because the low bass sucks up LOTS of power and can overextend your speakers (excursion beyond design parameters).  If that doesn't cure it, then immediately drop the Master until it stops making that sound.  Eden Gear is very clear.  As long as you listen to what you are playing, you will be fine.  The WT800 running a D410XLT has been a favorite combination since the D410XLT first came out.

A few of other things:
•  Never toggle the bridged button while your amp is powered up - you can damage the amp.
•  Never plug into any other jack besides the bridged output when you are in bridged mode (bridged light is lit).
•  Never plug into the "bridged output"  when you are NOT in bridged mode.

And one final thing for you.  It is VERY important to set the gain according the manual to get the best sound out of the amp.  If you don't have a manual, PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you a pdf copy of it.  Each of these Eden amps has a "sweet spot" where the preamp is sending the strongest, clearest signal to the power section to be amplified.  Different basses usually require different gain settings.  The optimal gain setting will allow you to be loud and clear with much less power than a poor gain setting does.

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