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WT800 identity
« on: March 04, 2019, 11:48:07 AM »
I was trying to identify the exact model of my WT800 and contacted Marshall for some help. They didn't have much by way of technical data transferred when they bought Eden but think it's a WT800 A/B (in other words a B version of the model A). It was made on 19 Oct 2004, has speakons, oval fan holes and the Bridged output is 8 ohms only. It draws 1200 watts and outputs 400W at 4 ohms per side.

Mostly I use it with a 700W 4 x10 8ohm SWR Goliath cab in bridged mode and I've tried it once or twice with that cab on the left and a 2 x 10 SWR Goliath 350W at 8 ohms on the right (obviously not in bridged mode) but in bi-amp mode but have not found this to give an improvement in tone. My original aim was to bias the 4x10 toward bass and the 2x10 toward treble.

I'd be interested to know what knowledge still exists about this model and other differences there may be from the original model A.

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Re: WT800 identity
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2019, 12:35:04 PM »
Do not bother with Bi-amp mode.  That is a hold over from the days when full range output cabs did not exist.  It acts like a cross over, directing higher frequency output to one cab (your tweeter, back in the day) and the low frequency to your woofer.

If you run current day, full range cabs in this mode, you are wasting half of your power - the half that is sending highs only to one of your cabs.

Use the stereo mode for two cabs.  Gain the benefits of both cabs being fed the low frequencies they "desire" as well as whatever highs they are able to produce.
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Re: WT800 identity
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2019, 12:14:13 AM »
Hey BASS3645789,

Welcome to the Garden!

Yeah T-man is spot on!  And don't forget that you have a balance knob in the front that allows you to mix the sound of the two different channels together.  If you want more of the 210 sound, turn that knob towards the channel the 210 is plugged into.  If you want more of the 410, then turn it slightly towards that side.  I used to do this a lot when I ran a 410 with a 115.  The GK115 I had was very boomy and I could cure that by just turning the balance knob 2 or 3 clicks away from the channel it was in.  It does that by adjusting how much power is produced in each channel - turn it towards one side and less power goes to the other side.  I liked to call it the "magic knob".

AND, when you use it with your 410 in bridged mode, either make sure it is centered or turned anywhere to the left side.  If you have it turned to the right side, you'll start losing volume.  The more you turn it to the right side, the less you'll hear.  Reason  for that is that in bridged mode, the right power channel is bridged into the left and the combined power is then sent to the bridged output.  So if you start turning it towards the right channel, it get's quieter because there is no longer any power in the right channel.  Just leave it centered when you run it bridged and you will be fine.

If you'd like a copy of the manual for the WT800A's, just PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you a pdf copy.  The last manual for those came out in 2003 and it has night and day more info than an of the Marshall/Eden manuals do.  I have very little use for the Marshal versions of the manuals.  It's a great amp!

I actually have the same power section in my WT500 because David Nordschow was using it on his speaker test bench and upgraded it to 400 watts @4ohm per channel and bridged 800-watts @8 ohm from its previous 250-watts per channel and 500-watts bridged.  I still haven't found a place indoors or outdoors where I can turn this guy up above ~9:30 on the master.
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