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difference between E300 and E300
« on: January 24, 2019, 07:51:48 AM »
Hello, I would like to know the difference between the two eden e 300 in the photo.
Because I have one of them and nowhere have I found a description of the difference beyond the color of the logo.
Thank you..

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Re: difference between E300 and E300
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2019, 12:04:58 PM »
Other than one is an Eden branded unit and the other is an Eden Nemesis unit. 

I think the blue Logo light on the Nemesis was an attempt to differentiate between the Eden line and the Nemesis line, but I don't think there are actually any notable differences between the two versions.

I can't really find anything relating to the Nemesis version in any of the Eden catalogues.  The Eden version showed up in about 2010/2011, but I don't know when the Nemesis version came out.  There used to be a very informative Historical gear section in the old Eden Amplification site.  All gone now.  :(   Hmmm.  just found a link to the now missing Eden Amplification Historical gear page.

Both are solid state, 300 watts into 4 ohms and something like 175 watts into 8 ohms.  They have auto compression, 3 band EQ, balanced DI, headphone out and a stereo Aux tape/CD input.

Typical of the Marshall era manuals, the official manual tells very little.  I did come across one at this site.  Have no idea where he found it because I don't think it never showed up on the Eden site.
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Re: difference between E300 and E300
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2019, 01:42:47 PM »
Thank you for the quick reply. I have the backlight of the red logo and in some stores I've seen the other type. And so I was interested in the differences ..

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Re: difference between E300 and E300
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2019, 11:14:49 PM »
Hi Michal,

Welcome to the Garden!.

Actually neither of those amps is a "Nemesis" amp.  Both are the E300 amp with only cosmetice differences between them.  The earlier one did not have the back-lit logo, the current model does.  Looks like the backlit logo (we call it the Porchlight) was first shown in the 2013 catalog.  The earlier version without the porchlight made its first appearance in the 2010/2011 catalog, which came out at the end of 2010.

As I mentioned earlier, neither of those is a "Nemesis" amp.  The last Eden "Nemesis" amp was made in 2009.  Besides the lower power version used on the combos, there were two Nemesis amps that were made that look similar to the current E300.  One was the EN400 (Eden Nemesis 400) and the other was the EN700.  The EN400 produced 400-watts @ 4 ohms and the EN700 produced 700-watts at 2 ohms.

Both the EN400 and EN700 were exactly the same as the previous year's RS400 (I have one of these) and RS700.  Only changes were cosmetics.  Everything else was identical.  The EN series changed in 2010 to become WTB400 and WTB700 and again the only changes were cosmetic. 

Here's a pic of the Nemesis NA320, which came out in 2001 and was the beginning of the Nemesis stand-alone amp line.  Concurrently a NA650 was also offered.  "NA stood for "Nemesis Amp", as opposed to "NC" which stood for Nemesis Combo.

Here's a pic of the RS400:

Notice the really large blue backlit NEMESIS.  This is a carryover of the Nemesis brand cosmetics that were on the earlier Blue Nemesis amps.  Note that the "Nemesis Eden" logo is not backlit but painted on.  I can tell you frome experience the blue NEMESIS is very bright on a dark stage.

Here's a pic of the EN400, which came out in 2009:

This is the one that looks the most like the current E300, but the Nemesis had quite a few more features on it.  Notice the Eden logo is in blue but the monster blue NEMESIS light is gone.

And finally, below is a shot of the WTB400 (WTB="World Tour Black" as opposed to the  WT Gold amps), which was really the last iteration of the Nemesis amp.  It came out in 2010, in the same catalog that introduced the E300.  The logo on the E300 was in blue in an attempt to tie it in to the earlier Nemesis series and it has an FET preamp like the Nemesis amps did.

And here's a shot of the back, which was the same on all the RS, EN, and WTB amps.  As you can see there's a lot more options available on the back of these than on the E300:

The Nemesis amps made an appearance in the Eden catalog in 2001 and then not again until 2005, although they were sold during all those years..  They were NOT hybrid amps like most of the WT series was.  They had an FET preamp as opposed to the hybrid preamp with the one tube.  They had most of the features of the WT amps but only had one semi-parametric control instead of three of them. They were also ALL made in China.  The Nemesis brand of Eden amps was an intermediate price/feature line of amps.  They have always been some of the most reliable amps that Eden has ever produced, and the fact that were of such high quality is one of the main reasons that the manufacturing of the rest of the Eden line was moved to China when problems in the Mundelein, IL factory started cropping up.

So the E300 is based upon the Nemesis design, but without nearly as many bells and whistles.  Good news is that it still has the very recognizable clear, full, and articulate Eden sound at a very good price.  The one with the painted on logo is the earlier version and the one with the porchlight is the newest version.  Internally, they are identical.

Hope that helps,
Rip Van Dan
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