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WT550B cabs
« on: July 28, 2018, 08:19:52 AM »
Hello there from the great white north ( greater Toronto area ). Brand new to this very fine forum. I have been an Eden user for many years and currently own a wt400,wt550B,wt800C, along with two 210xlt's, a 210xst and a 410xlt (all 8 ohm) The question i have it safe to run my 550B with my three 210's? 2.6 ohms? I have run it at 4 ohms with a variety of cabs with no problem. I know Eden specs (and the back of my head) say a 2 ohm load is fine.What do you think?

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Re: WT550B cabs
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2018, 10:59:54 AM »
Hello kjc,

Welcome to the Garden!

The WT550 will run down to a 2 ohm load safely, so no problem.  The biggest problem will be bringing the three cabs into the place you want to run it.  Since yours is the B version it will be putting out just a little less than the 750-watts it does at 2 ohms.  Lots of history of folks using it at 2 ohms and as long as your amp is in good shape, no reason you can't do the same.  The combination of the one XST with the two XLT 210 cabs should sound absolutely GREAT and more than a little LOUD.

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Re: WT550B cabs
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2018, 12:46:02 PM »
Thankyou for the welcome and the quick response. I'm playing at an outdoor gig tomorrow at a fairly large venue and i'm not sure if have PA back up. Better to have more than enough than not enough i figure. Great forum by the all my Eden gear. Tried out a lot of different equipment over the years but Eden is definitely number one in my books. Thanks again.

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Re: WT550B cabs
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2018, 02:17:33 AM »
Hi KJC and welcome to the Garden!

No schematics available!!! Don't ask for it.