Author Topic: Need suggestion of building a recording room for my guitar playing  (Read 234 times)

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Hi everyone,

I started playing guitar years ago. I want to utilize a room in the basement to practice and record myself (audio/video) just for fun and to measure my progress in playing guitar. The room has a door and a window. It has two ceilings, false ceiling (height 195cm) made of fiberboard and a concrete one (height 230cm). The false ceiling covers around 70% of the room.

I have two guitars, acoustic and electric, a 2x150w guitar amplifier and a set of electric drums. Soon I'll complete my setup with two microphones (one vocal and one for acoustic guitar) and a USB audio device to connect both microphones and the amplifier for stereo recording.

Here is a very bad plan of the room, sorry for that

I have read several articles and watched many videos of acoustic treatment. I plan to do everything on my own as I don't want to spend too much at this early stage.

The floor is covered with ceramic tiles so I started with covering it with laminated wood. Underneath the wood, I have placed a 2mm layer as an acoustic treatment. Next step is to build bass traps, absorbers and diffusers.

Bass traps and absorption panels will be more or less like the ones described here (Build a Better Bass Trap) Thanks to Ethan for this great article.

As for the diffusers, I really don't know how many I would need and which range of frequency I should be targeting. I found this Skyline Diffusor calculator, however, I fail to figure out target frequency. Also, I went through this link (Sound Diffusers 101: Free Designs for DIY Diffuser Panels) for a different type of diffusers.

My question is, what should I do to improve acoustics in the room. I'm new to this field; I'd appreciate any input in this regard.

Thank you in advance.