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Hi guys,
you should check out the new MODULE
Foot pedal based on the Terra Nova series.

Active & Passive Inputs
Three foot-switches to toggle Mute, the Enhance circuit and the effects loop on/off.
Input gain control & clip indicator
Switchable compressor
Eden’s proprietary Enhance control
Bass level control & bass boost switch
Sweepable low mid & hi mid controls
Treble control
Master output level control & clip indicator
DI Out with Ground lift, Pad & Pre/Post switches
AC / DC polarity switch, 15-18V DC In & DC power supply (included)
2x ¼” output jacks
Aux in & headphone out
Effects loop
Tuner output

Check out the webpage for pictures and more info:

Rock on!

Wow - the replacement for the WTDI??? Or a separate product???

Rip Van Dan:
It's a bigger product with more features and did you notice that it has a loop circuit too?


Bob Cruz:
Price?  ;)

Nice! I'm interested in the price too.


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