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Porn spammer in the Off Topic folder

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Bob Cruz:
There's been porn in the Off Topic folder for two days.  I always try to report spam to the moderator and ALWAYS receive an error message "no moderator found!"  I wish there were a way to report spam that works.  Hence this post.   :(

Bob Cruz:
Still active after another full day!  :( :'( >:(

I sent a message to Armin because I get the same message - no moderator found - and if there is more than one message you are not allowed to report more than one as well.  We had a rash of new members at the end of September - if you look at the members list you'll see we usually get two or three new members per week but we added more than 50 in a couple of days and some of them started to spam russian sites.  My belief is that every single damned one of them is a spammer waiting to start, we must have had a system vulnerability which allowed them in.  I have suggested this and suggested that they ALL be removed, we might lose one genuine member but I doubt it.  It seems that the individuals when blocked have to remain on the member list to enable them to be blocked, not a feature of any board I've run but there you go, different systems work in different ways.  My forecast is that over time each and everyone of that sudden rash of new members will start spamming.

Gone. I was out sick part of Monday and all of Tuesday. I've changed the question to sign up from a number to, for the first time, something only a bass player would know.

Rip Van Dan:
I killed about 30 of his messages over the past 2 days.  Sorry I missed one.  I must of have seen it and gone to the next one without killing it so it didn't show up in my "unread" list.  I really need to find out how to ban someone.  I can remove messages just fine but don't seem to have a ban button on my moderator screen.



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