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Bob Cruz:

--- Quote from: Bass Mayhem on October 07, 2016, 02:06:18 PM ---
By air mail today...  :)  :)  :)

--- End quote ---
Wow, Roger, you take the Forum rule ("pix or it didn't happen") quite seriously!  ;D

Rip Van Dan:
Just got mine yesterday with the nice note, but the catalog didn't survive as well as yours Roger.  Mine is bent all the way down about the right-hand side.   I can still read it though!


Bass Mayhem:
Unfortunately, the catalogue is as informative as the shell of an egg, just like the web site.
No technical specifications to find anywhere! Input impedance? All other "nerd stuff" that can be useful to know before you buy something, no trace of it. Nah, the WT800B is still the best Eden amp out there, followed by the WT400. That was my two cents...

Mine came in today's mail. Nothing like a little eye candy from Eden. It's just as much fun as looking at basses.
I like the new looks of the WTP and Terra Nova amps. I'm still enjoying my TN226 and thinking about getting a TN501 too. I really like this amp.
Thanks for the catalog!

Just sent my request in today. Hope there are still a few around.


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