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connect NSP410 to NSP210



I have an issue connecting 410 and 210 cabinets. I have a tc electric amplifier (250 watt) including speaker out 4 ohm or 8 ohm in parallel. When connecting and turn volume half way the sound is clipping. (seems in cannot handle it when you slap frequently).

I wonder if I connect the cabinets properly. 410 has 2 inputs (jack) and 1 speakon link and 210 has 2 inputs (jack and speakon) and 2 parallel out (jack and speakon).

I connect first to 210 input and parallel out to 410 input.
Any ideas what is causing sound clipping?

What "ohms" are the two cabinets?  If both or either are 4ohms then you are presenting a 2ohm or 2.67ohm load to the amplifier which it cannot handle.  What connectors are you using?  1/4inch or speakon?  You are using a 250 watt amplifier to drive two speakers which together can handle 850 to 900 watts of power.  This shouldn't matter but used together they strike me as being severely underpowered.  How are you detecting the clipping?  Is there an indicator on the amp or are you describing what you hear?  What is the actual model number etc of your amplifier?  I can find references online to a TC Electronic BH250 which seems to have a single speakon output.  If so then the easiest connection should be speakon into cabinet 1 and then speakon on to cabinet 2.  What state are the tweeters in? - they are not controllable so can be either left as they are or disconnected.  Sorry to ask for more information but the NSP speakers are some 12 years old and not manufactured any longer.


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