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No idea, i like it that way.
Clean and logical.

Bob Cruz:
Two bands of semi-parametric midrange EQ is a welcome addition.  More power would be good too--the Class D market is crowded, moving fast and the 700-900 watt power sections are pretty common offerings these days.  On-board overdrive (whether mild or all-the-way ferocious) is getting more common too.  I miss the "warm" switch on my WT405 and wish Eden had gone a little farther with it.  :(

Design is a matter of personal taste.  What every company wants is some of the Apple cachet.  You can argue that looks shouldn't matter but they do with many or most consumers.  Then there's the idea of keeping a traditional look or tie-in with popular past products.  I'm glad it's not my job to design how these amps should look!  ;)

Clean and logical = european!

Nice work Eden !!

The Two bands of semi-parametric midrange EQ is  More flexible at the disire tone
More power would be good too !!!! .
It should have been  the TN501 the small amp ... and the TN 1000 or 800 the NEW big boy .
800-1000 watt power sections are pretty common  these days from other competitive companies

Whilst on the subject of bags and whether there will be one two thoughts - if you considered buying a WTX bag but haven't get one now if there is still stock available, but secondly, and maybe more importantly - the new amps are twice as long as they are deep (roughly) and unless Eden make a dedicated bag it may be very difficult to find a suitable case to benefit from the lightweight nature of the amp.  For example, I was never able to get a bag for my WT330 and got tired of humping it in a rack case which added a lot of weight.  Like many I have found that a DJ mixer bag is just about ideal and just about the right size, but how many similar bags are designed for 12.75" x 6.9"?


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