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Eden has expanded their pedal lineup with the Glow Plug, a pedal that contains a 12AX7 to add organic tube warmth to your bass sound. The pedal, which is specifically designed for bass, has adjustable warmth control to change the gain level of the tube.


The Glow Plug also has variable crossover control to select the specific frequencies the tube warmth is added to and a Mix control to blend the tube signal with your direct signal.

The Eden Glow Plug stompbox is in production making its debut at the Summer NAMM show. Price point is TBA.

Eden Glow Plug Features:
12AX7 tube design
Adjustable Warmth Control
Adjustable Crossover Control
Mix Control
Sturdy, stomp-proof housing
15V Power Adaptor included

Wow I hope this comes off.This really looks like what I have been looking for!!


Bob Cruz:
+1.  It does look good and if it were combined in a single pedal with the WTDI, I'd be all over it.

Rip Van Dan:
Hmmmm....perhaps it could be offered as the "WTDI +"?  As in "WTDI plus"...I like the name!  Or perhaps in keeping with the renaming of the amps that have a gain tube, call it the "WTDI-Pro"?  Makes perfect "branding" sense to me.


Or put them all together and call it the bass pedal pro.


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