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« on: March 20, 2015, 08:19:15 AM »
Hi Guys, Jason Tice here at PMR in West salem, Ohio....
  The Eden loudspeakers, in my opinion, are some of the BEST quality drivers ever..... They are one of my all time favorite, which is why I am starting this post...
 The old Eden parts are virtually impossible to find, but I was fortunate enough to obtain a truckload (literally) of loudspeaker components from one of the largest AMERICAN components manufacturers, whom made the OEM parts FOR Eden waaaaaaay back then.
  I am offering loudspeaker repair service so you guys can keep your rigs operating, and retain the re-sale value. Please- do NOT buy anything but the REAL thing. Don't buy cheap-o replacements from American companies who are using over seas parts, or the worst- IMPORT replacement drivers, which seem to lure people due to the cost.... Like the dentist, you can pay less now,  and get it right, or you'll be in a world of hurt later if you wait, and wind up coming back, only to wind up paying more.
 If any of you have drivers that need service, slight repairs, or completely rebuilt, feel free to contact me.
 Thanks guys- keep those Eden speakers running!!!
 Jason Tice/ PMR/ HEMPO- LOUDspeakers 419 908 1440  or

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« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2016, 09:18:29 PM »
I had Jason recone my 410's in July.  After getting them back I played through them at low volume for about 8 hours to break them in.  The next rehersal I ran them bridged through my wt800 and they sounded great.  The following rehersal, same thing but about half way through I noticed a buzzing.  When I looked down I noticed that the dust cap was in 3 pieces and completely disconnected from the cone.  When I contacted Jason he assumed that this occured from pushing the speakers too hard.  Keep in mind that these were the "beefed up" Edens that he had sold me on and that I wasnt playing at live stage volume.  He told me that he had never seen this before and that it was more than likely caused by faulty wiring in the cabinet or a problem with my amp.  Thinking that this may have been the case I paid to have my cabinet, my amp and even my speakon cable checked and nothing is faulty with any of it and all speakers were wired series/parallel as per Edens diagram.  Jason then agreed to send me a new cap.  7 or 8 caps of all sizes and material arrived a few days later.  None of which matched the caps on my speakers.  Jason then asked me for the size of the caps on the other speakers and I provided him a measurement.  He then told me that he would send the correct sized cap and $20 for my troubles.  He supposedly mailed the package via USPS on Monday, October 3, 2016.  Today is October 12....10 days later.  I still have not received the package and Jason will not return any communication.

I spent today making calls to other companies who offer recone service, had correspondence with US Music Corp, Eminence support, David Nordschow himself and several other speaker supply companies trying to locate a dust cap that matches what Jason used since he clearly has no idea what parts he used on this rebuild and clearly is not backing his work or honoring his warrenty.  I was also asking for professional opinions on what these guys thought would have caused a cap to "blow up".  The guy from Eminence asked if the vent hole on the speakers back plate was plugged or restricted as if it was this would cause this type of cap failure as the air would have nowhere to go besides out the front of the speaker.  Interestingly enough what Jason did was he printed an Eden logo about 2.5"x5", laminated it and secured it too the backplate....covering the vent.  When I explained this to every other recone professional they all threw a red flag on this error by Jason.  I have communicated all of this to Jason via text message and he claims that he has spent far too much time on this issue.  It has now been 4 days since I have heard from Jason.  1 Ohio area recone service, a guy in Georgia and an employee of NuWay where I was told that Jason buys a lot of his B-stock parts all appologised for the trouble that Jason has caused me and all knew who he was.  2 of them shared concerns of what this guy is doing for the reputation of other recone services offered by businesses around the country.  I am giving thus until Friday.  If the new cap and $20 doesnt show up I will be filing a chargeback with my credit card company.   I spent an entire day collecting statements from many who will prove that this guy needs to reconsider his level and quality of customer service.  Never tell your customer who spent $400 that you will make things right and then tell them that the mail is just slow.

Jason even went as far to try to telk me that USPS uses xray technology that may have caused damage to the speakers.  How about just admitting to your mistakes and making it right?  When I asked about sending the speakers back to be checked out he told me that there was no reason in risking further damage to the speakers and that he would just send me a new cap.  At this point I want nothing more than him to stay as far away as possible from my speakers and to just refund what I paid him.  The guys who I spoke with today are concerned about other damage that was done to the rest of the speakers. 

Jason has a full coverage 1 year warrenty unless damage appears to be caused by misuse, being dropped, etc.  He is not holding up his end of the deal and I cant tell you enough how much I recommend selecting another company to recone your speakers.

2 of the guys that I spoke with today said that the Jadon isnt even authorized to purchase the JBL cones that he is claiming to use.

I have never been more disatisfied with a purchase...dont make the same mistake that I did.

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« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2016, 08:29:51 AM »
I filed a Paypal dispute last night and this morning Jason refunded 1/2 ($200) but is escalated the claim to a dispute.  His reply to the dispute was complete lies to PayPal.  He stated that I wired the cabinet incorrectly and that I didnt remove the covers that he placed over the vent holes to protect the speakers during shipping.  First off, why would he take the time to print out Eden logos, laminate them and then neatly adhere them to each speaker if they were simply being removed?  Second...he never said anything about removing this.  If he would have provide unpacking instructions in writing I can see where he would be able to make this claim.  This guy is a joke and I highly recommend finding another reconing service for your Eden speakers.