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New Eden Merch Online Store Now Open

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Here it is, what you've been waiting for! The new Eden Merch Store is up and running.

Whoopee! - hold it a minute - I'm in the UK, do I need a hat, a tee shirt or a mug?  No I need a new knob for the DI out of my WT330, and an Eden bag it fits in would be useful too to match the one I already have for my WTX260...

That is good news! Except for grumpy :D
Thanks for the heads up!

Sorry - just feeling a bit grumpy!  When Marshall took over Eden there was a magic period when ALL of the Eden gear could be purchased on the Marshall site - with indications of what was in stock and what was not and then... Marshall redesigned their website and it disappeared and now... I do want useful stuff and given the very small number of Eden stockists in the UK (like none?) this just looks like an opportunity wasted - don't get me wrong, I may well buy a T-shirt if I'm allowed, but where is the good stuff?

Paul, we're back into the Distributor network issue.  Eden wouldn't sell direct in the past because they had a Distributor network in place to handle purchase and distribution.  It's still there.


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