Author Topic: MAJOR Announcement Regarding Eden  (Read 19115 times)

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Re: MAJOR Announcement Regarding Eden
« Reply #60 on: March 11, 2013, 10:37:47 AM »
Well First let me give you a belated  Welcome Mr. Green... I just came back myself to Eden after a few years using Markbass following a disappointing experience with few late models Eden products in terms of reliability. But after having had to get rid of my rig for practical reason I found myself in need of a new bass amplifier to do local gigs and decided to give eden another chance by buying one of the gig ready little guy... I must say that I have been quite impressed with the sound of such a small unit it is the best sounding little amp around.. and it is loud enough for the gigs I do these days.
So again Welcome and please keep this brand moving forward as it deserve to stay.   :)
Michel Leclerc
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