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New in the forum
« on: November 07, 2004, 07:54:05 PM »
Hello Everyone & greetings from Victoria BC. Canada... I've been playing bass for over 35 years & after doing it professionally from 1975 - 1985 I went on to earn a living as a sound technician & backline specialist but still playing as a semi-pro. I've been using Eden amps for both myself & the backline company since 1998 when I was supplying backline for Alain Caron at a local show. (at the time I was using Trace Elliot ) We did an A/B test of my Trace 2 x 10 & Alain's D210 XLT and that was it ... the day after I was at the local music store trying on different Eden gear . I stuck with their products even though for years the service sucked here in Victoria because I had found my Holly Grail. Sure I like to get a good deal on stuff (doesn't everyone) but I strongly believe that  you get what you pay for & in the case of my bass rig I want the best ... Over the years for both myself & the backline co. I' used just about every amp that eden makes & almost every cabinets but my personal rig was WT 600 & 2 D410XLT's up to a couples of years ago when again talking to Alain  he told me that he prefered the D210 XLT cabinet. So to save my back & to avoid many frustrations getting the D410 XLT in & out of gigs I decided to explore that avenue... Now I am the proud owner of a WT500 (traveler)  & 2 D210XLT's. A compact but mighty rig pumping out 620 w rms @ 2? for the bigger stages & using just one cab for 500 w @ 4? for smaller clubs & the bottom end of these cabs is unbelievable & I haven't played a gig yet that required me to have a bigger set up. ( I play a Spector 5 & I dig in) Anyway nice to join the forum & I'm looking forward to participate... Cheers [:D]
Michel Leclerc
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