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Hatemail @ Lewisham Hotel (Sydney) 24th Nov
« on: November 08, 2007, 04:32:15 PM »
Last night we played a show at the Lewisham hotel for the first time and the promoter was so stoked with us, he asked us back to play sooner on a Saturday arvo rock show on the 24th November!
I will post more details about the show as they come to hand but Hatemail will be on stage at 4pm and there will be a number of other good hard Aussie rock bands playing on the day.

I think we're the promoters new favourite band! He walked up on stage last night after our set and said to the guitarist. "Your bassplayer lied to me! He told me he was going to bring me a good band tonight."
Our guitarist looked a bit concerned before the promoter then elaborated. "You guys aren't good, you're f**king AWESOME!" [:p][:D]

Lets just say that this kinda feedback was very welcome after our very ordinary emergenza show last week![8D]

UPDATE: At this stage there will be 2 other bands on the bill "Evening Raga" & "Virgin Thursday" and there may be one more band TBC.

Hope to see any Sydney and Surrounding Edenites there! [8D]

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